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  • Our accommodation was very good. Hi Yelena, Our accommodation was very good. Great position - very central for us. Loved the area Thierry was a very nice person - very helpful. Would stay here again. Cheers, Ann

  • This is a FANTASTIC organisation. I wanted a week in Paris to take my girlfriend and hotels were all looking rather expensive but stumbling upon this site I realized that you can stay in a lovely apartment for a week for as little as 300 Euros! The location was amazing and the landlords were very hospitable. Elena from Glamour Apartments replied to every email immediately and provided a lovely service for us. We were made to feel comfortable the whole time and it was even exciting organising it with GA. An absolute 10/10 from us. Thank you very much. we will return! Tom and Elly

  • It's easy to find a suitable apartment on your website. Your service and quality are so good and always response quickly. We had a wonderful vacation because of your help. I will come back to Paris and you will always be my first choose.

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If an individual demand to allow Paris apartments through a broker, only makes sure to investigate his or her background carefully. Thus, you're guided to rent a broker who's trustable and quite definitely familiar with the place. This will aid you to get clear guide that match along with place likings and your budget.
our companyapartments Company is keen towards making your stay in the beautiful city Paris munificent and quite cozy offering a broad selection of furnished and totally equipped flats in Paris. We provide you comprehensive information about tourist sights, urban areas, cab, airport transfers, Paris public transport, restaurants and a lot more. We are committed to locate the flat of your dreams and also make your stay in Paris unforgettable.
The thing is the fact that you choose the areas you intend to lease an apartment in Paris, and also to visit and think over the path, have to plan everything. Generally, you will have several choices for lodging. You are able to book a hotel room or rent an apartment in the area, which may be attractive and the most convenient for you personally. Many travelers, who plan to see the town of love, wonder which version is better to pick - a hotel room or an apartment.
At the present times, many people coming to Paris for motives that are different either for long terms or brief periods choose to make their stay in Paris leases flats. Nevertheless, for this you need to make a planning prior to flying to the town. You can also require assistance of online resources if you really contemplate every preference from the place and to the type of apartment which you need. www.our is keen towards providing you with great detail and good traveling advice. They let you take a strong determination of renting an apartment in Paris to produce an exceptional stay and also supply you with colorful pictures of the exterior and interiors of the flats including all the provided facilities which give you an idea of the entire property.